South Africa has launched a major effort to strengthen occupational health for healthcare workers and safeguard the health of patients and others visiting health facilities. Strengthening administrative infection prevention and control (IPC) procedures will help reduce TB and other infections in healthcare facilities. The IPConnect suite of mobile health (mHealth) applications will help strengthen administrative IPC procedures and allow National Department of Health staff gather and analyze data for improved occupational health through targeted IPC resources and response. Healthcare staff are given access to IPConnect applications based on staff needs and duties and vary by application.

Go to Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Occupational risk exposure reporting has three components: anonymous incident reporting, non-anonymous incident reporting, and infection outbreak reporting.

Go to Facility Assessment Tool

Facility Assessment Tool

The facility assessment tool allows supervisors to quickly and accurately input specific IPC-related observations such as infrastructure, staffing, waste management, etc. and flag areas for follow-up.

Go to IPC Guidelines

IPC Guidelines

An index based search feature for health workers to search topics related to IPC

Go to Case Specific Queries

Case Specific Queries

Initiated by the health worker, the server will receive specific questions and generate immediate responses for the health worker with general information and step-by-step instructions for response

Go to Notifications


Generated by the system administrator, IPC push notifications are one way and are automatically sent to health workers. This requires no response.



Frequently Asked Questions related to IPC

Go to CO2 Monitoring/Air Quality

CO2 Monitoring/Air Quality

A health facility assessment tool for CO2 Monitoring/Air Quality

Go to Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Client feedback is sent from the mobile or computer-based application directly to the server. The health facility’s system administrator is immediately notified.

IPConnect is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) | TB CARE II Project implemented by University Research Co., LLC (URC)
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